Alexander McQueen Blue Palette

Alexander McQueen’s fashion designs have been an inspiration for me for a very long time. His color palettes have inspired me, and most especially for my own hair color!

Today would have been his birthday and I wanted to celebrate his 49th (March 17th) and show you the palettes I’ve worked on that I’ve done my best to duplicate on my own hair.

The first palette is based on my favorite dress from his Plato’s Atlantis collection. There are so many vibrant blues to choose from! Although I’ve moved away from the paler spectrum nowadays, these are wonderful choices that I hope you can use for your own hair color projects.


The second palette is based on this gorgeous plaid coat.

I’ve been obsessed with plaid since I was little and this is such a beautiful combination of the colors that I see in my dreams.


I love the site M2M and here’s a movie that I started to watch this week: The Legacy of Alexander McQueen and it captures his life and times of some his most iconic moments on the runway.

One important tool in my arsenal is a browser extension called Colorzilla. For my web development, it’s the quickest and easiest way to figure out the hex code for any color!

Here’s a blast from the past. One of the first designer collaborations that I ever purchased was almost 10 years ago and what was it? Alexander McQueen x Target of course!

Here’s the dress, and this is around the time I went back to having blue hair after taking a several year hiatus.

At the time I wanted to lighten up my black hair. A stylist had highlighted me but I thought the shades ended up being too brassy and unflattering so I dumped in blue (that later faded to a teal) so I’d be happier and it worked!



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